UDK (Unreal Engine) Assignment

For our second Sound Design assignment we were required to use UDK implement realistic/immersive sound assets to match the visuals of the level ‘Sun Temple’ supplied by our teacher. Even though i’d never really used UDK before, it was quite easy to pick up after watching a couple of youtube tutorials. Adding in ambient sounds was pretty much the same process as it was with Unity so it only took a few minutes, I actually find UDK’s approach to be a lots better than Unity’s. The hardest part was trying to figure out UDK’s Blueprint system. After watching countless youtube video and extensive googling, I still struggled to do basic tasks using Blueprints. Luckily, the people in my class have more experience with UDK than I do and were nice enough to help me out. We were told that to add a trigger in UDK you must add an event to the object under collision>OnActorBeginOverlap then link it to the sound effect. I tried this for hours using multiple different way and nothing worked, eventually I found a way around this by using the collision event OnActorHit then set the concurrent play count to 1 and prevented it creating a new instance of the sound. It’s not perfect but it works.


Apart from the triggers, I feel like i did a really good job capturing the atmosphere of the temple. Adding the right amount of reverb to the objects in the hall to reflect the shape and size of the room, having the wind blowing in from the main room and down the hallway as well as the crossover you hear from the wind inside and the wind outside when walking to the balcony. If you would like to see a showcase of these assets feel free to check out the video on my portfolio page.


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