Welcome to Bricked Audio, a website for game and music enthusiasts alike! This is a progressing website designed to showcase the research and work that I have done for my university course “Sound for Games and Apps” at dBs Bristol.

This course focuses on 3 main areas within the game audio industry. Linear and Non-linear music composition, whether it’s a linear piece for a cutscene or a non-linear piece that loops for eternity. Sound design, using various techniques to record or artificially create audio for purposes such as sound effects or creating an atmosphere. Finally, implementing audio into games using game engines such as Unity or UDK as well as middleware like FMOD or Wwise.

If any of the aforementioned points interest you, I would highly recommend sticking around as i will be posting on this website quite regularly with updates on the progress of my work as well as anything interesting I come across while doing research.